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  • CASA KALU Bed & Breakfast is situated at the top of a hill in Alportel, away from the tourist crowds while still being conveniently close to everything. From the terraces and garden you can enjoy the stunning views over the hills and valley. The town of São Brás de Alportel, nicknamed “terra de bons aires”, the land of good air, is just 2 km away. The Bed & Breakfast location provides the perfect setting for a trip to Faro, Loulé, Olhão, Tavira, a bike ride, a walk, a lovely day at the beach, or a round of golf. São Brás de Alportel used to be the world’s foremost cork town – nowadays you can still visit the local cork factory.

    Because of the location, it is advisable to rent a car. Parking is possible in front of the house.


    There are many things to do in the area of our Bed & Breakfast. A day out in the country, relaxing at one of the many beaches, visiting a townand its local markets, sporting activities and many other things. We provide you with an overview of interesting sights and activities. This is by far not everything the region has to offer. We are happy to assist you with some advice and further recommendations.

    Walking and Hiking
    The rolling hills of Alportel and São Brás de Alportel region invite to lovely walks and hikes as well as the close by Ria Formosa, a unique nature reserve featuring approximately 18,000 hectares of lagoons and a wealth of flora and fauna. Discover some small trails and roads amids cork and olive groves, through wonderful villages and enjoy a good cup of coffee and homemade cakes.
    A further opportunity is stages of the famous Via Algarviana, a trail more than 300 km long that crosses the Algarve region from west (Cabo Sáo Vicente) to east (Alcoutim) and runs through São Brás de Alportel. The Via Algarviana takes hikers through the Barrocal and the Serra, across rivers and hills, along old windmills, springs and chapels that all demonstrate the archaeological and historical diversity and richness of this region. For further information please visit www.portuguesetrails.com.

    And don’t miss the cork route (Rota da Cortiça). It is the perfect way to learn more about the noble cork oak (sobreiro), the art of debarking and the fascinating features of this 100% natural raw material. Along the route, you can visit Nova Cortiça, a cork processing plant whose cork ultimately ends up in the champagne bottles of the large houses in France.

    The landscape around our Bed & Breakfast offers a range of possibilities for cyclist’s. From the reasonably flat coastal strip with orange and olive groves, to small paths in the hills of the Serra. Just North of CASA KALU is where a cyclist’s dream comes true: long roads, across hills and through valleys with little to no traffic. Even though the hills aren’t all that high, there are plenty of steep stretches that should satisfy even the most demanding cyclist. A paradise for road cyclicsts as well as Mountainbike enthusiasts.
    The local bicycle rental we work with, Avalanche Bikeshop is just 10 minutes drive from CASA KALU and has various types of bicycles available, ranging from touring to mountain bikes and race bikes, and can provide you with mapped GPS routes.

    As you all know, Algarve offers some of Europe’s most beautiful and best golf courses and is a true paradise for every golfer – from beginner to professional. Below you find a list of golf courses that can be found in the São Brás de Alportel area and are within easy reach from CASA KALU. The list also provides you with the address of the website to view booking opportunities and greenfee costs:

    Golf Course Cinta da Ria and Golf Course Quinta de Cima
    Distance: 30km

    Benamor Golf Course/Golf Club de Tavira
    Distance: 25km

    Monte Rei Golf & Country Club
    Distance: 32km

    San Lorenzo Golf Course
    Distance: 19km

    Quinta do Lago Golf Course
    Distance: 17km

    Quinta Do Lago Laranjal Course
    Distance: 15km

    Vale do Lobo Golf Courses
    Ocean Golf Course and Royal Golf Course
    The Royal Golf Course is one of the most well-known courses in the world. It owes its popularity to the famous hole 16, with its 200-metre shot over the cliffs.
    Distance: 20km

    Dom Pedro Golf Course
    Dom Pedro Golf offers five championship courses in the Algarve, Vilamoura´s renowned five – Victoria Golf Course, The Old Course Golf Club, Millennium Golf Course, Pinhal Golf Course and Laguna Golf Course.
    Distance: 27km

    Pine Cliffs Golf Course
    Distance: 36km

    Pinheiros Altos Golf Course
    Distance: 21km

    CASA KALU offers a blow up kayak free of charge upon availability. It is easy to transport as a bagpack and only takes a few minutes to be build up. You have various opportunities for tours such as the Ria Formosa area (e.g. starting a tour in Fuseta) or watching the caves from the ocean side (e.g. Carvoeiro beaches) or heading to the lakes close by. You can also hire Stand up Paddle Boards (SUP) at different locations along the coast (e.g. Fuseta beach).

    South and east of Faro are some islands that are part of the Ria Formosa nature reserve. Most of these islands are only accessible by boat or ferry from Faro, Olhão, Fuseta or Tavira. Two exceptions are Ilha de Faro, accessible via a bridge, and Ilha de Tavira (Praia do Barril), accessible by an old little train or short walk. The beaches are stunning, wide and long, and offer plenty of space even during peak season.
    West of Faro are the beaches of Vale de Lobo and Quinta do Lago. Ancoa, and especially Garrão Poente and Garrão Nascente are highly recommended.
    Further west are even more beautiful beaches. Three definitelydeserve a mention: Praia da Falésia (Albufeira), Praia da Marinha (Benagil) and the small picturesque spot of Praia do Carvalho (Carvoeiro).

    City Trips
    What was the Algarve like before resorts, golf courses and pubs sprang up along this coast with its year-round sunshine and golden beaches? Head east and north (rather than west) from Faro and you will find out.

    • TAVIRA

      Tavira, straddling the Gilão river, is arguably the Algarve’s prettiest town, and exudes an authentic Portuguese charm. Big hotels are few, churches are many, fishing boats crowd the river and everyone has time to dawdle. Layers of history can be seen, from Phoenician excavations through Islamic-decorated doorways to Renaissance and Baroque flourishes. However, it is the colours that hit you: blinding-white walls, brilliant azulejo tiles, fiery-red pantiles. The former capital of Algarve provides pleasant little streets, old houses with the typical “quatro aguas” roofs, many churches and nice restaurants, as well as the famous Roman bridge over the Gilao river.

    • LOULÉ

      Loulé is a city of contrasts, where mountains meet the ocean and old monuments blend inwith modern buildings. It is located 16km northwest of Faro and only 7km from our CASA KALU. Right in the city centre stands the local market, a Moorish-inspired building that has been stocking up locals with fresh produce for more than a century.  From fresh fish to local crafts, there are plenty of stalls worth browsing through in this colourful market. Saturdays are the best day to visit the market as there are more stalls open and the market extends into the streets. Other interesting attractions include the Conceição Chapel and the Castle of Loulé.

    • FARO

      Faro is a historic and culturally rich city that boasts a variety of fascinating tourist attractions. Sadly, Faro is often overlooked, considered purely for its airport, but spend time in Faro, and you will discover a charming and authentic Portuguese city. The delightful historic centre (the Cidade Velha) of Faro is encircled by ancient city walls and contains a Gothic cathedral, the Paço Episcopal palace and pretty cobbled backstreets. Outside of the city wall is a modern city centre, with pedestrianised shopping streets, scenic plazas and variety of restaurants and bars. South of Faro is the Parque Natural da Ria Formosa, a series of saltwater lagoons and mudflats, which are a haven for migratory birds and wildlife. Along the seaward side of the Ria Formosa are three sandbar islands, and these are the location of Faro’s pristine beaches.

    • SILVES

      The former capital of Algarve. The inland town of Silves makes a good destination for day-trippers from pretty well anywhere on the western Algarve.  With its charming cobbled streets surrounded by orange and lemon trees, the historic town centre is dominated by a well-preserved medieval castle. Sipping a coffee in one of the small, traditional cafes, you’ll feel like you’re a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of The Algarve’s coastal resorts. From the castle, you can enjoy some magnificent views over Silves and the surrounding area.

    • Olhão

      Olhão is a coastal town in the Algarve which grew out of the fishing industry in the seventeenth century. Olhão, located just ten kilometers east of Faro, is still one of the Algarve’s main ports. It was here that the first canning factory was established in 1882, sparking a trend that was to spread in both directions along the coast, with canned tuna and sardines quickly becoming the Algarve’s main source of income. The fishmarket on the waterfront is still Olhão’s main draw. A quaint and energetic place, the market sells local produce such as fruit, honey and vegetables as well as a huge variety of fresh local fish.
      The old quarter of Olhão has a distinctly Moorish feel, with square whitewashed houses, flat terraced roofs and box-chaped chimneys. The church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário dates back to the seventeenth century.


      are further villages worth a visit. Mostly with the typical whitewashed houses, Moorish chimneys, cobblestone streets and lovely views over the Serra up to the ocean. You also find smaller nature reserves in this region, which are perfect for a nice walk.

    There is a huge variety of authentic local and international restaurants and cafes in the area. Some examples below sorted by driving distance:

    Alportel – walking distance 15 min.

    • Café Vitória (€): Offering snacks (eg tosta mista) and drinks.
    • Bar sociedade recreativa Alportelense (€): Offering simple Portuguese kitchen. Two lunch menus and a la carte available. Also open for dinner in summer. Monday closed.

    São Brás de Alportel – driving distance 10 min.

    • Restaurante Sabores do Campo (€€€): Northwest of São Brás de Alportel, just outside the city centre. Very good Portuguese and international dishes, and a great wine menu.
    • Casa da Barreira (€€): in the center of São Brás de Alportel. Local cafe and restaurant.
    • Luis dos Frangos (€€): In downtown São Brás de Alportel. Local Portuguese kitchen, specialised in charcoal barbecue-grilled chicken. Be sure to taste the chicken and squid à la casa.
    • Ysconderijo (€€€€): Small and intimate restaurant, located in the old center of São Brás. Exquisite Portuguese fusion cuisine featuring fresh fish and meat.
    • O Marquês (€€€): Great selection of tapas.
    • Tachinho da Avó Luísa (€€): local food on the main road leading into São Brás.
    • Moss – Fresh food & Coffee (€€): mainly vegetarian dishes. Nice lunch offers.
    • The Owl – Seafood & Cocktail Bar (€€€): all about seafood.
    • Pizzarella (€€): looking for a take-away pizza and salad? This is the place.
    • Wine and Beer (€€): local dishes in local set up right at main square. Simple but good.
    • Horta (€€): on the road to Tavira. Typical Portuguese kitchen for lunch and dinner. Lots of locals.
    • Circular (€€): only open for lunch. Vegetarian dishes.

    Mealhas – driving distance 10 min.

    • Beira Serra (€€): Typical Portuguese restaurant on the countryside close to Mealhas. Very good quality.

    Mesquita – driving distance 15 min.

    • Lagar da Mesquita (€€€€): Very nice house with good traditional Portuguese cuisine. Good wine list.

    Moncarapacho – driving distance 20 min.

    • Da Ana Restaurante & Snack Bar (€€€): Moncarapacho center close to the church. Authentic Portuguese kitchen. Best porco preto.

    Loulé – driving distance 20 min.

    • Aurora by Vitor Veloso (€€€€): Traditional Portuguese and international dishes including vegetarian. Excellent kitchen. The prices are a little higher than the typical Portuguese restaurant, but a lot cheaper than the chefs restaurants of the same level.
    • 11 da Villa (€€€): A charming and cozy restaurant with a variety of tasty sampler dishes. The inside of the restaurant has an amazing Arabic vaulted ceiling.

    Olhão – driving distance 30 min.

    • Tasca O Galo (€€): Excellent food, lovely service and a sweet bill. If you are lucky, you ll get to taste the latest creations of the cook.
    • Chá Chá Chá (€€€): Tapas/petiscos, salads and a handful of fish and meat dishes fresh from the nearby market. Reservation needed.
    • Barra Nova (€€€): Excellent fish and seafood close to market halls.
    • Mogno – Your Natural Choice (€€): Excellent vegetarian and seafood dishes in Thai sytle.

    Fuseta – driving distance 30 min.

    • Café dos Mestres (€€€): best fish and seafood directly from the grill on the main road. Best to combine with a day trip on the Fuseta island. Make a reservation before when heading to the island.

    Ilha do Farol – driving distance 30 min. plus boat

    • Maramais (€€): Extensive cocktail menu and homely sandwiches. Make sure to bring cash. No cards or MBWay. When heading to Ilha do Farol for a day trip the place to enjoy your drink and lunch.

    Parque Natural da Ria Formosa (Praia do Barril) – driving distance 30 min.

    • Os Fialhos (€€€): Where to start – the view from the outdoor terrace is beautiful. The amount of choices for seafood and fish is huge and everything fresh. The view and high quality and freshness of food is a wonderful experience. Perfect in combination with a trip to Praia do Barril.

    Tavira – driving distance 30 min.

    • Gilão (€€): Excellent food at reasonable prices. Very nice and quick service. Sitting outside allows one to have very nice view on the river.

    Santa Luzia – driving distance 30 min.

    • Casa do Polvo Tasquinha (€€€): Great scenic setting on the beach with the fishing boats strewn across the shore. Fresh seafood perfectly prepared in creative recipes. Specializing in octopus.

    Almancil- driving distance 30 min.

    • Botânico (€€€€): Looking for a special evening in the Algarve? Spectacular food, the best margarita, gorgeous setting and friendly staff. The Iberian pork chop is to die for and the steaks are amazing.

    Faro – driving distance 30 min.

    • A tasca do João (€€€): Near the Regional Museum of the Algarve. Discover new flavours of Mediterranean and Portuguese cuisine. Very good tapas.
    • À do Pinto (€€€): New flavours from Mediterranean and Portuguese cuisine. Delicious fried octopus, great garlic prawns and tasty cod. The cataplana is especially recommended.
    • Taberna Zé-Zé (€€€): Taberna Zé-Zé offers its visitors the opportunity to try Mediterranean and Portuguese cuisine. You will find delicious prawns, mussels and razor clams.
    • Pigs and Cows (€€€): If you like French and Portuguese cuisine, Pigs and Cows is worth a visit. They serve well-cooked beef and a great ceviche.
    • Outro Lado (€€€):  Portuguese and vegetarian cuisine. You can eat perfectly cooked soups, tofu and vegan burgers at this restaurant.

    Praia de Faro – driving distance 35 min.

    • Zé Maria (€€€): Mediterranean and Portuguese cuisine – including delicious tuna, squid and monkfish. All with a great view of the sea.
    • Sal’Mare (€€€): Cool beach restaurant, lots of different seafood and meat (steak, burgers). Limited vegetarian options. Perfect during or after a day at the beach in Faro.

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